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Does the number '9' signify something in people's lives?
{This question was asked by Alanieta Visei of Lautoka,Fiji Islands}

The number '9' which is also known as ' The Bible Wheel' is of great significance to many religions and cultures.
For us Christians, 9 is 'when the hour of prayer' begins in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.The number '9' is said to be the number of 'finality' since it is the last and largest digit.

Nine is of course derived from 3x3 and 3 is significant because 'the Blessed Trinity' {God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit}are the three in one Godhead.

Today in Fiji is the 9th day,of the year's ninth month of September,in the year of our Lord 2009.For some, 2009 is their 'destined year of entrance' into their 'Promised Land' as this year signified their 'time of call.' {May our heavenly Father continue to nurture their souls in His Heavenly Kingdom}
Many Christians observe the significance of the 'ENNEAD'. It is the final limitation, with the number '9' it is the number with acceptance,of solitude,and the beginning of the inward journey to the infinite.
999 symbolises the three levels of the ' Triune'.

For us who are surviving,it is our year of making further progress in the tough situations we need to encounter or in places where we need to prove ourselves. Yes, the International Credit -crunch exists these days,no doubt;but let's all look forward to when these conditions will turn over and turn out to be a year of financial blessings for some of us-for lest we forget,we need to remain positive because this year ends with the 'sacred number to Indigenous races- the number 9'.

In the Christian faith,there are 9 choruses of Angels-they are:
[i]the Seraphs,[ii]the Angels of love and light,[iii] the cherubs,[iv] the Angels of wisdom and Intelligence,
[v]the Angels of forces and Life, [vi]the Angels of Liberty,[vii]the Angels of Eternity and Memories,
[viii] the Angels of Holiness,and [ix]the Angels of Humility.
There are other ordinary angels too who attribute innocence{said to be the souls of innocent children who pass on after being born & aborted premature souls}

Saint Paul ,the Apostle in Galatians chapter 5 verse 22 enumerates the '9 Fruits of the Spirit' which we Christians should always try to live with.They are:
[i} Love,[ii]Joy,[iii]Peace,[iv]Patience,[v] kindness,[vi]goodness,[vii]trustfulness,[viii] gentleness,
These are also known as the 'ENNEAGRAM' or the '9-Pointed Star'.

There are also '9 Gifts of the Spirit 'given to us via the unction grace of the Holy Spirit as enumerated in ist Corinthians,chapter 12 verses 8-10. They are:

Perhaps I must mention here too, that the entire Christian Theology is divided into 9 different parts;inclusive of Salvation,Baptism,Trinity, with Christology,Mariology and Apologetics coming under the History of Theology itself and the symbolism of Spiritual Significance and 'Shekinah' the Light of the world who is supreme.

Numerologically, the 'number 9' is the transition number.
In Indigenous Fijian numerology for example, we count up to 'dua,rua,tolu,va,lima,ono,vitu,walu,ciwa na vuaka.' When we count the tenth we do not say 'tini' but instead say ,'sa dua na rara.'
We count everything up to the digit 9,after that it becomes 'dua na bi' should there be 10 'vonu'{turtles};ciwa na i vesu dalo vata kei na dua tale sa dua na duludulu mata;ciwa na tabakau kei na dua tale sa dua na kau,tini na tamata sa dua na kumakumare,tini na niu sa dua na i qali;tini na uto/se quto sa dua na i qiso etc etc.

To the Mayans,Alphanumeric connections are identified by the significance of the number '9' since '9' is the number of the 'mythic Lords of time' ;the number representing the original Mayan galactic masters themselves.
To the Greeks, they have 9 Muses.
The 9 patron Godesses of Art, the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mmemosyne,a Titan who personified memory remains significant to this day.
To the Buddhist Chinese,there are 9 pyramids evenly spaced in the form of a fan {Location 170 degrees 39 minutes East Longitude and 34 degrees 9 minutes North Latitude in the Taibai Shai Mountains over 10,000 feet above sea level as photographed by an American astronaut during one of the Apollo Missions.

There are 72 names of God Almighty,our creator to the Hebrews.Again 72 is divisible by 8 '9s'.
There are 99 Islamic holy names of God in Arabic. With the 'Arabic Ta' {Secret Knowledge},'9 ' is the number of absolute completion,perfection and wisdom.
In the Egyptian myth,'9' is the number of the moon-to them '9' is the number that contains all other numbers.
Many cultures and religions refer to the number '9' as a symbol of immutable truth.

Just for a lighter exchange, do you remember the two cliche's at Primary School?


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Comment by Cupcakes on September 10, 2009 at 8:53pm
thank you so much for posting this... my birthday was on the 9th! - and I really feel LUCKY!
Comment by Kahili on September 10, 2009 at 5:16pm
As for the Buddhists:
They have 9 animals that make up the Chinese dragon:
[i} The head is that of a camel.
[ii] The eyes are of a demon.
[iii]The ears are of a cow.
[iv]The horns are the branched antlers of a stag.
[v] The neck is from the neck of a snake.
[vi]The belly is that from a clam.
[vii] The soles of its feet are taken from that of a tiger.
[viii}The claws are those of an eagle.
[ix]The ninth feature of a dragon are the 117{1t1t7} are the one hundred and seventeen scales of a carp.
Qori na nomudou druka mai na Yasayasa Vaka -Ra!
Comment by Kahili on September 10, 2009 at 4:40pm
The Taoists:
Have the number 9 significant in their faith since there are 9 nodes of the bamboo plant.
Comment by Kahili on September 10, 2009 at 4:38pm
As from the old Islamic texts of the Muslims:
They believe that there are 9 openings in a male human body.
Comment by Kahili on September 10, 2009 at 4:15pm
For the Hindus:
9 has been the 'key number' used by the 'materialistic Hindu Philosophers' in the 'Vaiceshika Schools.'
Comment by Kahili on September 10, 2009 at 4:03pm
9 stands for Consolidation, conservation, humanness.
(The true mission of the 9 is to serve as a MInister of God,our Heavenly Father on earth.)
9 – (Nine) - IS THE ULTIMATE, containing the forces of all the other numbers.
It stands for a complete cycle of growth.
The nine generations from Adam to Noah and from Noah to Abraham indicate stages of growth and development.
Noah was the ninth from Adam, and Abraham was the ninth from Noah.
When Abram received his covenant from God and his new name, Abraham, he was “ninety and nine years old” (Genesis 17:1-5).
Symbolically, his age reduces to a 9, to indicate that this was a period of time in which a Spiritual cycle had been completed.
The addition of the Hebrew Heh (H) to our Father Abram’s name carries a 9 vibration as well.
Comment by Kahili on September 10, 2009 at 3:44pm
The number ' 9' is the number of fruit- bearing-i.e. Abraham was given a son by God,our Heavenly Father at age 99.
9 is thus the number of completion of all cycles, attainment and fulfillment.
Thus, all the numbers have been given special significance in the Bible and thus have become full of 'mystical symbolism' which have evolved over time.
Comment by Kahili on September 10, 2009 at 3:20pm
9 THE NUMBER OF JUDGMENT.[ online source]
There are 9 'Greek' words derived from the' root word' meaning judgment = dikay.
The following words each occur 9 times in the Bible:
[i]abussos (bottomless pit);
[ii]asebee (ungodly);
[iii] aselgeia (lasciviousness);
[iv}and astrapee (lightning).

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