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Sexual Preferences of Aries woman Sexual Preferences of Aries man
Aries woman possesses tremendous power and leads quite an active sexual life. She won't keep you in the dark about her desires. Her appetite is endless and she needs the same from her partner. Sometimes an Aries woman feels as if a mere sex is not so satisfying, that's why she needs a more intense stimulation and will demand repeated intercourse sessions. The Aries woman is used to fulfilling her sexual urge to the utmost degree, that's why you shouldn't be surprised if she suggests the idea of a bondage play. It is true that a few people can look more attractive than an Aries woman dressed in a leather outfit with spike heels. She will lick the body of her partner making him tremble and then stimulate his genitals, giving him unbelievable sensations. In order to fit the image of the most desired woman she will always store a set of sexy lingerie. Aries man will never accept your refusal to fulfill his erotic dreams to its fullest. He will take you by storm and rule your love making in his own direction. Sex toy is a good start for exceptional evening with Aries. Be ready for his unpredictable actions and dirty talks. Aries won't stop to use his power. Oral stimulation of your genitals will not be the ultimate answer to his sexual potential. He will pull your hair, pinch your nipples and stimulate your buttocks in the most intricate way. Ram is not used to be submissive in anal play,
that's why you will be the one to experience pleasure from anal sex. A
woman, who has a chance to spend romantic evening with an Aries man, will be sure to have multiple orgasms.

Sexual Preferences of Taurus woman Sexual Preferences of Taurus man
A Taurus woman knows where to find pleasure, since enjoyment is a key word to her intimate life. She adores such things as good food and drinks and erotic massages. Keep in mind that the Taurus woman is very demanding and you will need a good deal of sexual potential to satisfy her. You may start with stroking her breasts and kissing her neck, and pleasing her body with scented massage oils, lingering over the foreplay. To enhance her desire, you need to set a gorgeous scene. She will try every sexual whim you suggest, and if you hesitate to make a choice, then a sensual encounter would prove to be pleasing. Don't forget to use plenty of lubrication to give smooth slide as she can't stand feeling uncomfortable. However common it may sound, the Taurus man likes sex. And who doesn't? The thing is that many people use it to relieve themselves from stress, to prove their power or just like a part of love play. You can never say the same for the Taurus man. He enjoys sex, he adores sex and he can't live without sex. From the early age he knows the best of sensual pleasure. Don't forget that the Taurus man is very sensitive to fragrances, but sometimes he may shock you with his preferences for the natural scent of body fluids. If you wish to have additional stimulation, don't be afraid to suggest the idea to him and he will be eager to fulfill your desires.
Sexual Preferences of Gemini woman Sexual Preferences of Gemini man
This woman is quite unpredictable when it comes to sex. The place isnot as important for her as mental stimulation. A Gemini woman is open to new things with no prejudices about sex . But her strongest turn-on lies in her brain. Phone sex, adult DVD and sex books are among her favorites though, because she can't imagine her life without mental stimulation. The Gemini woman is innately gifted with the art of teasing, that's why a soft feather in her hands turns into a spicy sensual play with the wide range of sensations. She likes to invent new ways and intricate manipulations of pleasing her partner. She may introduce balls into her vagina and as her partner may penetrate her from behind or combine it with manual stimulation of the genitals. He may not be a macho man and won't exhibit a wild passion, but you should be sure he won't be dull either. He knows how to brighten your sex life and thrill your sensations with suggestive chat. One of his most enjoyable ways to expand the horizon of your bedroom pleasure, is to introduce sex toys. He finds adornment in watching you during an erotic play, as your satisfaction is his biggest motivation. The Gemini man likes to experiment with different sexual practices , as sex should be real fun for him. All you need is to give him freedom to his
imagination in an intimate scenery and you will experience the most
versatile sensations ever.
Sexual Preferences of Cancer woman Sexual Preferences of Cancer man
Cancer woman is very sensitive and never makes a first step in love. You should approach her with care and warmth. As long as she understands her lover can be thoughtful and receptive to her needs, her inner sensual side will be open to endless sexual exploration. Don't hesitate to offer her a sensual treat,running your fingers all over her body. The Cancer woman is very receptive to sensual touching and avails you a vast opportunity to use soft feathers, teasing and oral sex. She is submissive by nature and enjoys pleasing her partner. The Cancer man is patient and aggressive at the same time and this can be quite difficult to find your way to his bedroom. During foreplay he is focused on satisfying his partner to the equal degree as taking pleasure. Cancer prefers to start in the kitchen, so be sure to have a nutritious dinner before. A natural caregiver, he will please you as though you are his precious being. Cancer will appreciate your sexual sophistication and give you the initiative in sensual massage. You will know what it is like to find the most emotional response from him and to spend a whole life exploring the world of unforgettable love making. Since the Cancer man is perfect at foreplay, you may be sure he will stroke your hottest buttons.
Sexual Preferences of Leo woman Sexual Preferences of Leo man
Don't expect your Leo woman to submit and follow your directions. She has no need to seduce a man of her dreams, as she is sure that her affection is the biggest gift for him. The Leo woman is surely one of the most passionate and skilled lovers. Her outstanding personality and extravagant tastes are well reflected in her sexual style. Pay attention to a sex scene and atmosphere of sexual encounter as these play an important role for her. She likes to dress provocatively so don't be surprised if you see her in G-strings and bra with the
openings for nipples, to make her erogenous zones easy to touch and
caress. Besides, the Leo woman tends to be a bit dominating, which explains her love for bondage play. She will be the one to dominate and if you kiss her body dressed in leather, it will bring her the utmost pleasure.
The Leo man needs a woman as much as breathing. Each date with him can be equated to being dramatic and a gorgeous show-off, where he can demonstrate his sexual potential to its fullest. In sex he shows himself to be the wildest lover, who is used to marking his territory and making his own rules. Perhaps, he already has a good heck of sexual experience to strike your imagination and inspire you for a long and affectionate experience. A Leo man likes to decorate his genitals to impress his partner and you won't be wrong to say he is the most outrageous lover. The only thing you will need is to give him initiative in your sex plays and wait to feel the waves of overwhelming pleasure. Don't forget to say he was great and your Leo will be always there for you for more.

Sexual Preferences of Virgo woman Sexual Preferences of Virgo man
This woman will never exaggerate the meaning of sexual pleasure. Earthy and well organized, she can't believe that sex can be more than just a physical satisfaction. Her scenario is simple: the less exotic, the better. Probably she won't be the one to introduce new ideas in your bedroom, so it may take you some time to warm her up for such experiments. It is better to start with a foreplay, tender stroking all over her body. The Virgo woman is slow to fire up and prefers tried-and-true techniques of love making. Once Virgo is excited, she will be ready for more. She might be too shy to admit that her inner self needs a submissive role, but if you try to spank her buttocks her reaction can be pretty unexpected. His physical appetite is quite unpretentious and traditional. You will very meet a Virgo man with the help of your friends, because he is too modest for such things. The Virgo male prefers to make an appointment where everything will be planned to details. That's why it is better to give him tangible hints before you suggest a change. He knows what a woman likes and will do things methodically, giving her plenty of room for initiative. Some women like it when men follow their orders and a Virgo man can be that very man to make you feel in control of the relationship. Some Virgos prefer to have sex alone rather than making efforts to find the right partner. They may prefer solo sex to relieve themselves from sexual tension, waiting for the right partner.

Sexual Preferences of Libra woman Sexual Preferences of Libra man
The Libra woman adores beautiful things, that's why when you think about a romantic evening you should follow one important rule: everything should look attractive and spectacular. A Libra woman is sure of her charms when she invites you to her bedroom. She will use aroma lotions and body oils to boost your pleasure with the touch of real beauty. She is skilled in sex techniques and knows how to please her partner. Dressed in sheer lingerie, she will turn you on with no effort at all. Don't be surprised if you find a corset harness and furry cuffs in her bedside table. The Libra female likes naughty things and takes efforts to make her intimate life better. The Libra man can be an ideal partner for sexual experience full of romantic fervor. Don't rush into his bedroom until he is set in his sentimental mood state of mind, where you will be able to experience a whole range of volatile sensations later. His erotic imagination seems to be endless and your body is a well-known map of hottest places for him. Some of them like to adorn their body with paints and take a record of dirty talks to spice up their relationships. Libra man will stimulate you, using flavored oils and creams to massage your most intimate parts. He has a lighthearted approach to sex and he will make you feel like a queen.

Sexual Preferences of Scorpio woman Sexual Preferences of Scorpio man
Be ready for a long night, guys! She may start whispering her deepest sexual fantasies, biting your ears and caressing you under your belly at the most unexpected moments. The Scorpio woman will do anything to make this date unforgettable. Nobody could convince her that sex can be reduced to a number of acrobatic exercises. No doubt, she will wear the sexiest lingerie and fetish outfit, in the intimate atmosphere. She wants to experience strong feelings to its depth and nothing can stop her from fulfilling these innermost urges. Pain is not what Scorpio fears; it's more like an expression of her ultimate fantasy. This woman adores watching her partner satisfying himself and she truly can shy away any man who fell under her magnetism. They say that the Scorpio man is a lustful beast, wild and uncompromising in bed. No taboos, no restrictions and maximum pleasure - all that matters to him. As you might have noticed, the Scorpio male is an expert in love making and he takes it all pretty seriously. So if you are not quite ready for extreme experiences - just don't, as there will be no place to escape him later. Sometimes he may cruise the border and treat you quite rough. Some Scorpio males like to restrain their partner and act quite aggressively . Not that he is not able to stop; he doesn't want it, because nothing is more enjoyable for him than pain and sex.

Sexual Preferences of Sagittarius woman Sexual Preferences of Sagittarius man
The Sagittarius woman likes to explore and learn new things, she will not refuse if you suggest she experiments in sex. She enjoys being taken by surprise by a passionate lover. A Sagittarius woman can't imagine her life without adventures and freedom, that's why it is so difficult for her to commit to a long-lasting relationship. But if you possess the same degree of freethinking and unprejudiced attitude, your relationship can turn into the strongest bond. Most Sagittarius women don't like exotic experiments, but they are quite open to new ways of pleasing their partner. Watching adult video could be a good start for initiating intimate relationships. The Sagittarius male is not used to initiating a long-term relationship because he has a lighthearted approach to sex and love is more or less a passing fad for him. Excitement is high as long as the teasing play is going on. A Sagittarius man can guarantee you multiple orgasms and use various sex techniques to wear you out. Some of them are fond of anal play and will readily accept any backdoor experiments. The Sagittarius male will never ignore his partner and give her as much pleasure as possible, stroking vaginal walls with his fingers, stimulating you with small balls and kissing your breasts. Usually, it evokes explosive reaction, which is hard to forget and almost impossible to control. Make certain you have enough lubrication to resist such vigor.

Sexual Preferences of Capricorn woman Sexual Preferences of Capricorn man
It can take her a lot of time to express herself in terms of sexuality, but once she is determined and certain about her choice, feelings are very intense and powerful. A Capricorn woman can be very persistent and tenacious achieving an ultimate goal in love making. She can have sex for a long time and prolong your pleasure. She also likes to play in discipline plays, using paddles and floggers in a foreplay. Partner's pain can turn her on in no time. Though, the other type of Capricorn woman prefers to put herself into the hands of a skilled lover and serve as a devoted slave to her master, don't misinterpret her cold look. She is used to hiding her emotions, that's why you may reveal her true self with patience and sophisticated approach. Men born under the Capricorn sign are stubborn and determined when it comes to seducing the opposite sex, but sometimes he just seems to overdo it with persistence being more involved in the sexual act rather than with the partner. He has a down-to-earth approach to everything he does. The same refers to his attitude towards sex experiments. The Capricorn male may be too demanding in relationships with the partner, due to the fact that he needs to be sure of her faithfulness and undeniable commitment. In return, you will have his unquestionable fidelity and most intense sexual experience. Don't give him instructions, as he is very proud of his performance and any careless word can spoil the pleasure in no time. Capricorn males can be ruthless and most probably will use gags to stifle your screams. Another way to get pleasure is to use different techniques for maintaining erection and keeping it hard longer.

Sexual Preferences of Aquarius woman Sexual Preferences of Aquarius man
She may start slow since the physical side is not as important to her as a warm and loving relationship. Besides, the Aquarius woman is very imaginative and inventive, so you would be certain to have the most interesting night ever. This woman believes that everything is good if it can pleasure her partner. The good gift for her is a new sex toy, which can arise her interest and wake her curiosity. It can be a new vibrator or dildo that glows, lights-up, ejaculates and activates with the sound. The Aquarius woman is skilled at erotic massages and can make her partner wild, stroking his body with her fingers and tongue. Don't be surprised if she will suggest something to you that is absolutely unconventional, because variety is a key word to her excitement. Try role-playing- she enjoys playing and experimenting. Many women think it's a great chance to find a man, who is interested in your thoughts more than your body. His approach is more delicate and slow as he prefers to indulge in foreplay in any form. The Aquarius man is even able to make his partner achieve orgasms without actual contact. A confident woman can convince him to do anything: to try incredible poses and experiments. The best time spent with an Aquarius man is when you both read a Kamasutra book and invent new ideas for improving your intimate life. Truly, you won't have the same erotic scenario twice. He gets very excited when his partner dresses in a nurse or a chamber maid costume. Always be ready for more, as it is hard to find a man imbued with such imagination and modern seduction style.

Sexual Preferences of Pisces woman Sexual Preferences of Pisces man
The Pisces woman is very receptive, which is why it is quite easy for her to learn secrets of bedroom art. When she is captured by passion, her entire self seems to be lost in her own deep emotions. An aromatic massage oil is surely a good start for a sensual foreplay with her. Buy her a romantic kit for that special occasion of endless pleasure. There is nothing more exciting for a Pisces female than favoring her partner and nothing more enjoyable then to discover new ways of sexual fulfillment. Being a water sign, she adores bathroom atmosphere, so taking a warm bath together would be just right. Most Pisces women like to wear sexy outfits, like sheer skirts with tiny g-strings or leather sets for unlimited ecstasy. Another way to bring her sexuality alive is to use a feather tickler, to run all over her body and make her lose the sense of reality. The Pisces man prefers to enjoy sex with an experienced and a lusty partner. He can readily accept her whims and follow her rules in love making. In bondage play the Pisces male will be a submissive, who will treat his dominant well and will carry out every duty of his Mistress. He has exotic tastes in sexual preferences of sex toys. The Pisces man likes to satisfy himself using love dolls and vibrating vaginas which give him a possibility to make his deepest dreams true. Many Pisces men are ready to go beyond the boundaries and try something harder like BDSM play. Bondage play can be the biggest turn on which helps him to explore a new world of unknown sensations. That's why he will agree to play a passive role only to find out the magic of pain and pleasure experience.

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