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Wishing all the athletes well, hoping that you'll all responsibly look after number one.  

Fiji Finals results

Arin Kumar And Rashneel Kumar
Monday, April 30, 2012
Sub-Junior Girls High Jump: Gold - Vika Vulakouvaki (ACS) - 1.30m, Silver - Nadine Queet (STH) - 1.20m, Bronze - Mia Whytcross (ISN) - 1.10m.
Sub-Junior Girls Long Jump: Gold - Ema Totokitu (RAM) - 4.12m, Silver - Ani Kurusiga (REW) - 4.18m, Bronze - Tokasa Rabonavanua (AGH) - 3.92m.
Junior Girls 100metre Sprint: Gold - Kayla Yee (YAT) - 12.97s, Silver - Tamara Patrick (SJS) - 13.09s, Bronze - Mereisi Naite (SOL) - 13.13s.
Junior Girls 200metres Sprint: Gold - Kayla Yee (YAT) - 26.54s, Silver - Mereisi Naite (SOL) - 26.89s, Bronze - Baciseva Marama (WCC) - 27.07s.
Junior Girls 400metres Sprint: Gold: Meresiana Vukici (HCC) - 59.60s, Silver - Lavenia Dickinson (NAT) - 60.45s, Bronze - Merewai Cumu (JAS) - 60.90s.
Junior Girls 800metres Run: Meresiana Vukici (HCC) - 2.24.09, Silver - Merewai Cumu (JAS) - 2.25.99, Bronze - Unaisi Vatulili (Duavata Sec) - 2.26.47.
Junior Girls 4x100metres Relay: Gold - SGS - 51.35s, Silver - SJS - 51.95s, Bronze - SOL - 52.06s.
Junior Girls Shot Put: Gold - Pasemaca Matakibau (NBS) - 9.57m, Silver - Biu Bula (SJS) - 9.49m, Bronze - Luisa Kunadua (NCC) - 9.41m.
Junior Girls Javelin Throw: Gold - Veniana Turaganisolevu (KPS) - 35.47m, Silver - Elisabeta Buka (SJC) - 34.36m, Bronze - Mere Leba (LPS) - 33.52m.
Intermediate Girls 100metre Sprint: Gold - Elenoa Sailosi (ACS) - 12.45s, Silver - Sisilia Seavula (SJS) 12.69s, Bronze - Cea Disiga (LBC) - 13.08s.
Intermediate Girls 200metres Sprint: Gold - Elenoa Sailosi (ACS) - 25.26s, Silver - Cea Disiga (LBC) - 27.00s, Bronze - Maritini Anasa (NAM) - 27.08s.
Intermediate Girls 400metres Sprint: Gold - Miriama Senokonoko (ACS) - 57.96s, Silver - Kelera Mocenacagi (JAS) - 60.63s, Bronze - Catherine Balenagaga (SGS) - 60.91s.
Intermediate Girls 800metres Run: Gold - Unaisi Tinaitubuna (LOM) - 2.27.59, Silver - Catherine Balenagaga (SGS) - 2.27.67, Bronze - Senimelia Narabe (SVH) - 2.31.66.
Intermediate Girls 4x100metre Relay: Gold - ACS - 48.80s, Silver - SGS - 51.20s, Bronze - JAS- 52.00s.
Intermediate Girls Shot Put: Gold - Alanieta Dibalavu (Labasa Sangam) - 8.27m. Silver - Mere Ravasakula (JWC) - 8.22m, Bronze - Kalara Tinaiciva (RLM) - 8.12m.
Intermediate Girls Discus Throw: Gold - Litiana Caucau (SJC) - 32.21m, Silver - Disola Bosewaqa (SGS) - 28.99m, Bronze - Kasanita Buidei (Beqa Yanuca) - 28.45m.
Intermediate Girls Javelin Throw: Gold - Sainimere Naitovitoma (ACS) - 34.81m, Silver - Mereani Katonivualiku (RLM) - 32.22m, Bronze - Fane Sivoki (VKH) - 31.67m.
Senior Girls 100metres Sprint: Gold - Alisi Maramaniruve (SGS) - 12.70s, Silver - Alisha Dickinson (NAT) - 12.88s, Bronze - Timaima Qica (SCH) - 13.14s.
Senior Girls 200metre Sprint: Gold - Suliana Gusuivalu (SGS) - 25.28s, Silver - Talica Gukilau (SGS) - 26.53s, Bronze - Kinisimere Leitabu (WMS) - 26.70s.
Senior Girls 400metres Sprint: Gold - Suliana Gusuivalu (SGS) - 57.01s, Sereima Liku (JAS) - 59.97s, Bronze - Vani Vakawanibau (TNC) - 60.44s.
Senior Girls 800metres Run: Gold - Sereima Liku (JAS) - 2.22.81, Silver - Merelita Tuilawaki (NAM) - 2.27.06, Bronze - Alisha Dickinson (NAT) - 2.27.76.
Senior Girls Triple Jump: Gold - Aseri Rokobati (TCO) - 7.75m
Senior Girls Shot Put: Gold - Mere Qalo (LPS) - 11.84m, Silver - Timaleti Nalu (ACS) - 10.52m, Bronze - Mariana Waqanibau (LBC) - 10.16m.
Senior Girls Discus Throw: Gold - Susana Vakaotia (NAP) - 31.98m, Silver - Amelia Nabora (JAS) - 29.44m, Bronze - Miriama Talatoka (LPS) - 28.49m.
Senior Girls Javelin Throw: Gold - Susana Vakaotia (NAP) - 40.26m, Silver - Anasimeci Dimule (RSM) - 40.20m, Bronze - Elenoa Vucia (HCC) - 38.23m.
Open Girls 1500metres Run: Gold - Mereseini Naidau (JAS) - 5.01.70, Silver - Ana Maria (VKH) - 5.09.19, Bronze - Melaia Bola (WMS) - 5.09.47.
Open Girls 3000metres Run: Gold - Mereseini Naidau (JAS) - 10.58.55, Silver - Ana Maria (VKH) - 11.14.08, Bronze - Sainimili Tabacava (WML) - 11.25.25.
Junior Boys High Jump: Gold - Antonio Matana (SJC) - 1.40m, Silver - Rafaele Kebakoula (VOT) - 1.40m, Bronze- Meli Masi (DIL) - 1.40m.
Junior Boys Long Jump: Gold - Joseph Mow (MBH) - 6.04m, Silver - Etuate Salele (NMH) - 5.74m, Bronze - Belasio Waqdua (LOM) - 5.71m.
Junior Boys Shot Put: Gold - Angus Antonio (MBH) - 13.29m, Silver - Epeli Rakuita (QVS) - 12.95m, Bronze - Timoci Tau (VUN) - 12.41m.
Junior Boys Discus Throw: Gold - Tafa Varea (MBH) - 41.07m, Silver - Josua Serukilagi (QVS) - 39.39m, Bronze - Maurea Konrote (RAM) - 37.40m.
Junior Boys Javelin Throw: Timoci Tau (VUN) - 48.93m, Silver - Jope Tuivanuavou (LMS) - 48.22m, Bronze - Alivereti Navori (RKS) - 47.97m,
Intermediate Boys 100metres Sprint: Gold - Aaron Powell (GHS) - 11.25s, Silver Vereniki Raiwalui (SGS) - 11.43s, Bronze - Josevata Lalawa (STH) - 11.59s.
Intermediate Boys Shot Put: Gold - William Fall (MBH) - 15.72m, Silver - Waisale Urabuta (NTS) - 13.54m, Bronze - Cory Thomas (QVS) - 13.49m
Intermediate Boys Discus Throw: Gold: Setareki Matau (MBH) - 47.10m, Silver - William Fall (MBH) - 44.40m, Bronze - Samula Tavui (LMS) - 41.57m.
Intermediate Boys Javelin Throw: Gold - Marika Matabalei (RKS) - 52.48m, Silver - Viliame Ratu (XAV) - 50.68m, Bronze - Filimoni Nawea (DIL) 50.56m.
Senior Boys 100metres Sprint: Gold - Waisale Ledua (SGS) - 11.04s, Silver - Waisake Rasalala (SCH) - 11.04, Bronze - Maravu Beniamino (SBC) - 11.14s.
Senior Boys 200metres Sprint: Gold - Beniamino Maravu (SBC) - 21.77s, Silver - Waisake Rasalala (SCH) - 22.29s, Bronze - Sosiceni Tamani (SGS) - 22.46s.
Senior Boys 400metres Sprint:Gold - Tira Narara (MBH) - 47.74s, Silver - Roy Ravana (MBH) - 47.79s, Bronze - Penijamini Kovevanua (NKV) 51.04s.
Senior Boys 800metres Sprint: Gold - Tira Narara (MBH) - 1.57.61, Silver - Emosi Bure (QVS) - 1.58.02, Bronze - Isireli Raseisei (DRE) - 1.58.66.
Senior Boys 1500metres Run: Gold - Epeli Batisilia (NKV) - 4.14.15, Silver - Emosi Bure (QVS) - 4.14.43, Bronze - Ashneel Nand (TCO) - 4.18.04
Senior Boys 4x100metres Relay: Gold - MBH - 42.08s, Silver - SGS - 42.38, Bronze - QVS - 43.53s.
Senior Boys 4x400metres Relay: Gold - MBH - 3.15.85, Silver - SGS - 3.20.11, Bronze - QVS - 3.24.07.
Senior Boys High Jump: Gold - Isikeli Waqa (MBH) - 2.05m, Silver - John Michel (NAT) - 1.85m, Bronze - Alivereti Rusi (MBH) - 1.85m.
Senior Boys Long Jump: Gold - Simione Savu (SGS) - 6.80m, Silver - Isaia Delaitelau (XAV) - 6.59m, Bronze - Peni Dekedeke (NMH) - 6.52m
Senior Boys Triple Jump: Gold - William Lewesi (MBH) - 13.94m, Silver - Peni Dekedeke (NMH) - 13.92m, Bronze - Simione Savu (SGS) - 13.80m.
Senior Boys Shot Put: Gold - Kiniviliame Tako (RKS) - 13.49m, Silver - Waisea Waqa (MBH) - 13.30m, Bronze - Niga Haulagi (LPS) - 12.90s.
Senior Boys Discus Throw: Gold - Atueta Savou (SJC) - 44.99m, Silver - Joji Balenacagi (THS) - 42.80m, Bronze - Joeli Liwaiono (XAV) - 41.25m.
Senior Boys Javelin Throw: Gold - Joseph Dunn (WMS) - 58.19m, Silver - Tevita Nabura (RKS) - 56.38m, Bronze - Isoefo Bulavakarua (LHS) - 55.32m.
Open Boys 3000metres Run: Gold - Ashneel Nand (TCO) - 9.32.19, Silver - Kelemete Sau (VKH) - 9.38.09, Bronze - Vinish Pillay (BSC) - 9.40.43.
Open Girls 3000m Run: Gold - Aqela Waqavou (HCC) - 11:26.34s, Silver - Vitalina Tabua (NAD) - 11:26.48s, Bronze - Asilika Naqe (BSC) - 11:59.67s.
Sub-Junior Boys 100m Sprint: Gold - Atunaisa Lacabuka (REW) - 13.10s, Silver - Koloa Forau (ISS) - 13.28s, Bronze - Melvin Fong (CSS) - 13.35s.
Sub-Junior Boys 200m Sprint: Gold - Atunaisa Lacabuka (REW) - 26.83s, Silver - Solomoni Namalo (LDS) - 26.84s, Bronze - Inoke Nalovo (VUN) - 28.08s.
Sub-Junior 400m Sprint: Gold - Solomoni Namalo (LDS) - 60.86s, Silver - Shalvin Nischal (RSC) - 61.22s, Bronze - Lepani Matea (LHS) - 61.50s.
Sub- Junior Boys 800m Run: Gold - Lepani Matea (LHS) - 2:26.76S, Silver - Nasoni Nawanawailagi (GHS) - 2:29.91s, Bronze - Nikhil Narayan (RAM) - 2:30.96s.
Sub-Junior 4x100m Relay: Gold - LDS - 53.71s, Silver - Rampur College - 54.36s, Bronze - Xavier - 54.55s.
Sub-Junior 4x400m Relay: Gold - Xavier - 4:23.93s, Silver - Baulevu - 4:24.74s, Bronze - Rampur - 4:32.49s.
Sub-Junior Boys High: Gold - Tevita Senico (STH) - 1.50m, Silver - Balenacagi Kaveni (LDS) - 1.45m, Bronze - Kania Na

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lolz ... We were just talking about Bro Paul :) :)  And how we neglected to write his name in lolz We too love our Marist Brothers!  But yes Reyes & M, the Brothers are human - The early Marist days.  Your Uncle was a regular at our home when we used to live on Carew St much like the other Brothers, but he was different to the others, for he and our former late Dad attended Marist together around the same time.  Back when Dad was the Vice Principal and years after, he'd always wanted your Uncle to have taken the seat of Principal, when they had their cycles (when one Brother is cycled in, after one is cycled out after set-terms), for he believed that Bro Jo was more in tuned and was sensitive to the Pasifika (i Taukei) sensibilities, the boys generally don't consider, but was something that was a great margin of concern for the newly inflated Fijian i Taukei population.  


Yes - the new Marist populations are detached from the fundraising efforts of Lambert Hall, the St John/Marist Club and the Hostel around the time you've cited :) :) ... Isa.  The period we term as our Marist Shangri-La, with all the Brothers present as it should always be.  It's their Order's Mission!  To not have the Brothers is like a St Joseph's without Sister Genevieve.  Love her!  We love the good ole Marist days, when one would actually see the Brothers taking classes - Physics, Geography, English, Catechism - when most of the scholars would be graceful enough to take Communion and were Catholics or Anglicans.  We were very disappointed to hear from our Marist friends, that it had withered down to 2 or 3 boys receiving communion and 2 or 3 boys getting the ash on Ash Wednesday, who would be mocked all day by the other boys.  Hullo - the Marist Brothers aren't only independent of the Catholic Church of Fiji, but all the same they are a Catholic Order of Brothers!!! (Our little rant there lolz)!!


@the Marcellin Champagnat statue on the hard turf infront of the school, we had initially thought someone had defaced it, until we focused on the colours. Then we realised - No - that was purposefully done!  We didn't like that at all!!!  Gone are the beautiful manicured rose gardens and the cactus gardens the Brothers nurtured, which set off Marcellin Champagnat and the front of the School - Areas which were out of bounds for the boys.  Tsk tsk tsk!  The simple white marble statue, which is as it should be - classicly simple!  Naturally, no insult was intended - we understand, but they obviously contributed for a facelift, where landscaping the School grounds with low-maintenance red blooms would've been more the traditional Marist as the Brothers had intended it.  Could it be the ones who were punished to weed with cutlery - who thought to put their paint?  Red walls or blue walls or mixed - Those don't do anything for the boys brains, for it'll overstimulate their brains to violence, in a learning environment.  They should ask the Old Boys who'd served as Doctors in Nauluvatu, as to which colours best suit positive brain stimulation.  They will tell them - Red & Blue are just no-nos, unless it's baby blue - which will be too feminine.  What's wrong with the clean white?  It's cheaper for reno and repair later on.  Red & blue would be difficult to match 2 years down the line. The Old Boys are always impassioned and are forever grateful, for their Marist experiences :D:D  Their hearts' & souls are in the right place in supporting the school in every facet they can!!!  It's nice to hear what they'd done.  We donate through cousins for the Brothers and the School, when they can't get a hold of our brother.  We agree@marvelous job with the renovations, even though all we can see is the curb appeal lolz  less the red & blue we all mind lolz  It's not going to be easy to reno a 60+ year old structure.  


Reyes & M, your description of Bro Jo Wara's progeny now affirms his mannerisms and nature.  You know him with much love as your strict Uncle from the Fijian i Taukei background you share, and we know him as the Marist Brother, the Old Boy and one of the nicest and the most humble of the sweetest souls one will ever cross.  To leave and disrobe himself of his natural heritage for the Order, is a great sacrifice :) :)  What a blessing for your family.  We were rather spoilt having known him as one of the 2 Fijian i Taukei Marist Brothers.  Some of the latter ones were rather arrogant and carried lofty airs.  No sensitivity on the ground.  We wonder whether the boys even realise how fortunate they are, to have him back?!

yep ! those good old days..but was very much a modri at the still can vividly remember the school activities were a buzz and looked forward to them all the time..wether it be rugby ( MOB Peter Kean and Meli S.)senior games...was a thrill to watch...and the track and field athletes of the late 70's and early 80' they rocked just like their rock band at the older brother was in form 3 at the time... I use just wanted to watch the 100 to 400 relay...was my favourite event. I  watched with fascination as they executed something as simply as the changing of the baton with perfection...loved it and still do to this day. I think most schools suffered some loss of pride to the type of standards old scholars were accustomed to. It is sad. In Marist's case, I'm sure that if issues do arise with Br. Joe they would discuss it in the proper forum. Because students who know him well, know him to be of a no nonsense type of even nicknamed him " assassin "'t mess with the 'qase' from

Your older brother was only in form 3 at that time?  That's adorable.  We were from 0 - 7 years (but for about 2 years sandwiched between time), when Marist was our family life and family priority, before it became an on and off commitment, much like how most of the Marist Family do - it's when an event happens that we all generally converge and touch-base.  Small world :) :)  Agree Reyes & M - a good time when Marist was at a really good place, which is not to say, it can not be repeated and it can't be re-oiled to its former and potential surpassive glory, through your Uncle.  Still laughing@Assassin lol  Dad was called - Jim Brown (the actor) and some preferred Shaft the character lolz  Marist boys and their nicknames lol

...Memories ...  One of our absolute favourite people who'd carry us around too, was Milo the resident giant, who'd hoist us up so we could touch the cross at the top of the stairs :) :)

I KNEWWWW IT =D....woohooo


Vinaka Red. Awesome :) 

Hmmm!  You're a Marist!!!  Why didn't we call that? :) :)  The signs were all there@MAXIMUS_III lolz


Vina'a a update Kaline.Best Wishes for the Grammarians of 2013.

Yeah Nizzi, your 1st choice in RKS didn't make it to be a contender for the top-spot, where it came down to a battle between Marist and Grammar. The usual for over 10 years now. ACS - was an easy call. (And even Marist was too easy a call to make, for they were the Zone II Champions).  They (ACS) entered this year's event, having won it 11 years straight, with a highly motivated and champion squad. Suva Grammar would've been the needle in the haystack pick, although we've been in the 2nd position for the past 11 years, and now 12. Never unseated from the 2nd spot (not from the lack of trying on Jasper Williams part), and last year, it might've been Dudley?


Have to say though, that the use of school colours by some of the other schools, seeing Jasper in Grammar colours rather than their usual lavendar and white, was initially confusing for us as spectators and the comperes were evidently so - throughout the entire event to the performances at the end, confusing Jasper as a co-ed school and not the single sex school that it is. A hint to the commentators - Jasper is the ACS of the West!!!! lolz


The boys from Delanakaikai were disciplined as usual, with their marches at the beginning and at the end.  They were present in most final events, and they too have lost their visibility, much like SJSS in the girls division - the former champions of the 80s and the early 90s.  They've lost their seat, much like the Deans, where Grammar has become a staple contender for the Deans Trophy, with schools like Lelean as the rival, and not Marist like in the 70s and the early 80s, where Grammar yet again even then were a challenge!!  


Generational-rivalry in all fields between Grammar and Marist, when it comes to the boys.  For the girls of Suva Grammar, they just participate - they usually don't see ACS, SJSS or any other female contender, as motivation to win.  The biggest competition always was/is amongst themselves (within the den), which is probably why we're not taking the top spot.  Win they win, 2nd place is 2nd place, not perceived as a loss.  The Grammar girl mindset isn't dominated by competition, it's about participation to her best efforts for her portion share (however much/less), whereas for ACS - it's excellence period!!!

:) :) Yes we agree Kathy dear.  Marist just seemed a little hungrier on Day One for the win, and our Grammar Boys Squad's participating athletes on that day seemed to be following "a programme."  You know - instructions, which is good, but when you lack the pasiones - the inner growl - you will likely lose out.  Yes - the Boys in red did do well, less the 2 medals which became the touted hype before the games. The Red Fire Squad went in vying for 29 medals, got 25, of which 15 were gold.   Not a bad day for Day Two;  And as always Marist cleans up good.   

You're most welcome Twilight69Sux.  We thought it would be lovely to account for their accolades somewhere semi-public, without it being archived and forgotten 'til next year.  

thanks for the result...what do you people think of those participating in the coke games for the 3rd time in the senior grade?? is it fair for the 1st and 2nd year students??

You're very welcome TJ@results.  


@Senior grade 3rd time in a row, if we were to reflect on when we were seniors, it was discomforting.  However, we were always the youngest or the 2nd youngest in our year group, so the divisions always felt severe, and realistically when we hit senior grade, we should've been intermediate age-wise, so we understand what you're addressing.  But as former Fiji Finals Coca Cola Games athletes and champions, we'd always thought that there should be an Open Grade.  


Now with this Open Grade we were haggling with at that time, we thought that it should be open to any age-group within the gender-specific events, only that those who entered in to that grade, should be the ones who are (i) older or are (ii) Olympic Games contenders, to represent Fiji, which we thought should've also been opened to foreign-based Fijians, in Secondary School or University.  That would be exciting, creating a new buzz!


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